photo of two corporate minute booksCorporate paralegal services,

that won’t kill cash flow!

Are you starting a business, and the legal fees give you price shock?

Does annual renewal of your corporation, or making simple changes, cost too much in lawyer’s fees?

Have you skipped the lawyer, and now your minute book is a mess?

The professional solution for you.

We provide cost-effective corporate paralegal services for your Alberta-based small or medium sized business.

Our corporate paralegal services include the following services for you:

  • Company registrations – including Trade Names, Partnerships, & Incorporation.
  • Updating/maintenance of corporate minute books, including annual resolutions and dividend declarations.
  • Contract drafting, revisions, and review.

Our services cost a fraction of what a law firm will bill you for the same processes.  In fact, some of our best clients are smart lawyers who outsource to keep in-house costs down.

Corporate expertise you can rely on.

With over fifteen years of corporate registries experience, you get the services of an expert.

We are certified by the Registrar of Corporations (Alberta) in Corporate Registration Services.

Our access to CORES (Alberta’s online corporate registry system) gives us the same ability to search and update your corporation that law firms and the registry agencies have. CORES access is not available to the public, only registries and law firms. This means you need them… or us.

As specialists in corporate registration, you receive fast & focused service for your business. We are not distracted by “more important” files. You receive our sole focus for quick service.

We keep our services list tight, so we can work more efficiently for you.

Corporate registrations done fast.

If you need to be incorporated quickly, we can have everything ready for you to open a bank account in less than 72 hours.

If you need a Trade Name registered fast, we can do it the same day.

If your annual return is overdue, we can get it done the same day and provide the annual minute book resolutions.

Maybe you’re not sure what you need – we can help with that too!

Contact us now for a no charge consultation.

Or, learn more about our services.

*      We do not provide legal advice or tax advice. We offer business advice and business forms services only. For legal advice or tax advice, we always recommend that you consult a lawyer or Chartered Professional Accountant.

Need help finding a lawyer or accountant who is taking on new clients? We provide no-fee referrals to trusted professionals that we have personally worked with.