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Services for Entrepreneurs

Legal fees to maintain your corporation or for simple procedures can really put a dent in your business cash flow.

That’s why we offer a simple solution to clients like you. By focusing on providing just corporate services, we are able to carry out simple business maintenance tasks, for far less than those expensive law firms.

Professional, low-cost solutions for Entrepreneurs

We provide cost-effective corporate paralegal services for your Alberta-based small or medium sized business. These include:

  • Company registrations – including Trade Names, Partnerships, & Incorporation.
  • Updating/maintenance of corporate minute books, including annual resolutions and dividend declarations.
  • Contract drafting, revisions, and review, including unanimous shareholder agreements.

Our services cost a fraction of what a law firm will bill you for the same processes.  In fact, some of our best clients are smart lawyers who outsource to keep in-house costs down.

Over 12 years of corporate expertise

We were founded in 2004, in Edmonton, Alberta. Since then, we’ve served hundreds of businesses, just like you.

We are certified by the Registrar of Corporations (Alberta) in Corporate Registration Services.

Our access to CORES (Alberta’s online corporate registry system) gives us the same ability to search and update your corporation that law firms and the registry agencies have.

CORES access is not available to the public, only registries and law firms. This means you need them… or us.

Corporate registrations and minute book maintenance is our specialty. You can benefit from our expertise and efficient service.

Corporate registrations done fast

Many of our services can be done the same day. Examples of same day service include:photo of two corporate minute books

  • Trade Name or Partnership registrations
  • Filing corporate Annual Returns (renewals)
  • Preparation of annual shareholder & director resolutions
  • Dividend resolutions
  • Corporate updates, like address changes or director/shareholder changes
  • Incorporations (Canada or Alberta), so you can open a bank account or prove corporate status (minute book preparation is always recommended)
  • Commissioner for Oaths (for swearing affidavits and statutory declarations)

For more complicated matters, we can usually provide everything you need within three business days. Some examples of three day service, include:

  • Corporate Minute Book preparation
  • Contract drafting, revisions, and review
  • Unanimous Shareholder Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements

Of course, some situations require that more time be spent on these matters. Don’t worry, we’ll always provide you with a timeline for provision of our services. That way, you’ll know when to expect the finished product.

Need a sounding board?

Sometimes you have a situation that you just don’t know how to deal with. We can listen to your issue, and offer business advice, or refer you to other professional advisers.

Legal or Accounting Advice?

When other professional advice is required, we always defer to an appropriate expert:

  • If legal advice is required, we can liaise with your law firm, or recommend one of our trusted lawyers.
  • When accounting expertise is required, we are happy to coordinate with your accountant, or recommend a trusted Chartered Professional Accountant.

We provide no-fee referrals to trusted professionals that we have personally worked with.

Want to know more?

Contact us now for a no charge consultation. Or, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.


*      We do not provide legal advice or tax advice. We offer business advice and business forms services only. For legal advice or tax advice, we always recommend that you consult a lawyer or Chartered Professional Accountant.

If you need help finding a lawyer or accountant who is taking on new clients? We provide no-fee referrals to trusted professionals that we have personally worked with.