Services for Law Firms

VCS Corporate Services is pleased to provide a variety of confidential services to law firms. The most common services we provide are:

  • Incorporations: We perform everything from the NUANS, through the incorporation on CORES, to the preparation of the Corporate Minute Book. If you want, we’ll even prepare your reporting letter.
  • Minute Book rebuilds: Minute Books are a specialty of VCS. If your client’s minute book is lost, horribly out of shape, missing resolutions or proofs of filing, or just disorganized, we will be happy to piece the information, documents, and filings back together. This service is charged at our regular hourly rate.
  • Annual Returns / Changes: Corporate Maintenance is another specialty of VCS. Annual Returns, changes to address or directors, etc., together with any of the necessary resolutions and updating of shareholder or director registers is one of our main services.
  • Amalgamations: We both know that an amalgamation of a private corporation can be simple or very complex. We’ve done both.

We find that many smaller firms do not have enough corporate work to justify hiring a dedicated corporate assistant, and a lack of familiarity can turn these simple tasks into a ridiculously inefficient use of your assistant’s time, which costs you money. It is also embarrassing to you when things aren’t done properly. Allow VCS to alleviate these concerns.

Other reasons you might need us

  • Contracted Services: Perhaps your assistant is taking a needed but long vacation, and you don’t want to bother advertising, interviewing, and training a short term replacement. Due to the nature of our services, we have a broad base of experience with different law firms’ computer networks, accounting systems, and office procedures, which makes for a shorter orientation period. We can “parachute’ in and get working quickly, which keeps your billable hours higher than the alternative hiring of a new person.
  • Referrals: Our exposure to a variety of firms and our work with various entrepreneurs allow VCS to refer clients to you where we see a good fit. Alternatively, if you have a matter that is outside your practice area, and you’re not sure who to turn to, we probably do. This is typically a no-charge service for you.
  • Overflow Work: Often, things just get unexpectedly busy. When the office is humming along at full capacity, you may need someone to take on tasks that just aren’t getting done on time. VCS can help.

Confidentiality is a primary concern.

VCS Corporate Services always provides confidentiality – to you, and to your clients. Without it, our business would die. We always act in a professional manner.

How this benefits you:

The benefits to your legal practice in utilizing our services are:

1.       Keep in-house costs down. By hiring VCS, you do not have an ongoing payroll concern inherent in taking on additional staff. Hire VCS when you need help, and terminate when the work is done. VCS bills its time the same as you, so you only pay VCS when we’re working on your file.

2.       Experience. We have done it all when it comes to our practice area. With our 15+ years of experience working with various clients and law firms, if you don’t have a precedent for it, we probably do.

3.       Speed. We can usually begin helping you within 24 hours.

4.       Networking Contacts. We maintain relationships with several practicing lawyers, some as clients, some as friends, some as both. As a freelancer, we work outside the one-firm-bubble. This allows us to keep abreast on emerging trends, practices, and risks.

5.       Flexibility. Working with various lawyers and firms, we appreciate and can accommodate differing forms, precedents, practices, or preferences. We enjoy this aspect of our business, as it keeps us on our toes.

6.       Remote or On-site service. We can work on your file remotely, or on-site. We can work either within your server, or independently. Either way, you’ll have copies of the work we do.

7.       Professionalism.  We strive for excellence in office conduct, attention to detail, being thorough, and never taking a shortcut. That said, we have a sense of humour too.

8.       Confidentiality. We never divulge which firms or lawyers we work for. We don’t talk about clients, and consider client confidentiality to be sacred.

There may well be additional benefits, but these are the ones most commonly experienced by our lawyer-clients.

Our rates:

Whether we charge you disbursements or not, depends on your arrangement with us. We don’t mark up any disbursements we may incur. We provide an itemization of any disbursements so you can bill your client accordingly.

We bill out our hourly rate in six-minute increments, the same as you do. Our standard rate for “ready for client signing” work is $100/hour. What you charge your client is your business.

If that rate seems a lot higher than what you pay your legal assistant, you’re right, it is. But we don’t need you to provide a desk, ergonomic chair, computer, software licenses, vacation time, health care benefits, CPP, EI, and guaranteed salary. We just need access to the file (hard copy or electronic). Hire us when you need us only, without ongoing overhead.

Now, what about your own professional corporation? Is your minute book in order? Call us.