Services for Accountants

Telling your client to go to their lawyer for a common task can be difficult. You know it will be expensive for your client. But it doesn’t need to be.

VCS can accommodate most requests in a timely, personal, and professional manner.

We are also willing to attend your client’s business for document signing. That makes you look smart for referring them to a no hassle service provider.

Show your clients that you care about their bottom line. 

By referring VCS Corporate Services, you help save your clients money and demonstrate that you know a better way than their neighbour’s accountant. Our rate is only $100 per hour.

Common Jobs

Some of the common jobs that accounting professionals ask VCS to perform for their clients are:

  • Dividend Resolutions:  If your client needs to declare dividends, we can quickly create the necessary corporate resolutions to evidence the declaration.  All we need from you are the numbers and any special tax instructions.  These can usually be done the same day.
  • Unanimous Shareholder Agreements:  A client attending a law firm for these surprisingly common agreements will cost a small fortune. The most basic USA’s tend to start at $1500 in fees to the lawyer. Our services will save your client an average of 50% in fees, and we can usually finish USA’s faster than the overburdened lawyer.
  • Holding Corporations: Sometimes a need for these pops up fast, and you need them done quickly. VCS can incorporate the same day, and have the minute book ready for signing within 72 hours.
  • Restructuring:  How often have you seen a client who self-incorporated, and consequently has only one or two classes of shares authorized? When we incorporate for a client, or restate a share structure, we prefer to give them a broad base of various share classes. Providing several classes of each type of share allows for flexibility in the future. Our default share structure includes eight classes each of common voting, common non-voting, and preferred non-voting shares. We are happy to customize further if needed.

Less common jobs

  • Corporate resolutions of a more general nature:  Perhaps your client is doing something outside their normal course of business, and you believe, as one of their top advisers, that a resolution is required by the Shareholders or the Directors. We are happy to quickly generate a set of resolutions to fit the situation.
  • Reorganizations:  These procedures can be as vast and varied as a person can imagine. Just give us the details, and we’ll provide the documentation. Yes, we can also handle Section 85 Transfers of Property, or Section 86 Exchanges of Shares.
  • Share Sales:  When your client is selling shares to a new investor or partner in the business, we can draft the required documents, which may include:
    • updating of the Securities Register or the Directors Register in the minute book;
    • Shareholder Resolutions are required to elect new Directors;
    • Share Certificates;
    • Risk Acknowledgements, as required by securities legislation;
    • Share Subscriptions;
    • Any change to the directors requires a Notice being filed at the Alberta Corporate Registry.
    • The sale agreement, or bill of sale;
    • Directors Resolutions approving the sale and the issue of new shares;
  • Amalgamations:  We both know that an amalgamation of a private corporation can be simple or very complex. We can do both.
  • Corporate Revivals:  If a corporation has been struck for neglect or dissolved intentionally, we can bring it back to life for you.
  • Moves to/from Alberta:  Some clients need to Continue their corporation into Alberta from another jurisdiction. We can easily take care of this procedure. Sometimes they Continue-Out from Alberta to another province – we can handle the Alberta end of things, but they will need a service provider in the new jurisdiction.

Refer your clients to VCS Corporate Services for common minute book documents or corporate changes. Be sure that you’re saving them time and money. We’ll be sure that they appreciate you for doing so.

Now, what about your own professional corporation?  Is your minute book in order?  Contact us.